Wedding Snowglobe

Snow globes are translucent orb enclosing a miniature scene or a figurine. Also contained in these spheres is water that serves as a medium through which the "snow" usually made of glitters fall. The globe is shaken to let the fake snow float and is placed back in its position to let the snow fall down slowly.

There are many various snow globes enclosing different scenes or figurines and the most popular is the Christmastime scenes since the winter or snowy days are associated with Christmas. However another example of an excellent snow globe is the wedding snow globe.

Wedding snow globe typically features a couple, male and female with hands clasped together as if to dance a formal waltz. Traditionally, the couple are in their wedding outfits - the male in his black tuxedo and the female in her white gown. However nowadays, wedding snow globes have transformed offering patron different assortment.

Today some wedding snow globes feature Cinderella and her prince charming after their majestic wedding ceremony. Some feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their wedding outfits and some feature animals mostly bear or wedding birds.

Although these snow globes feature different figurines or characters, still they depict wedding ceremony. There are a lot of things that you can do with wedding snow globes aside from using them as paper weights. These snow globes can also be a great wedding anniversary gift - a gift to reminisce the most magical day of your life as husband and wife.

Another, instead of using traditional male and female icingtons in wedding cake, this type of snow globe can be a great cake topper. This kind of snow globe will add an enchanting look and effect to the cake, especially if the glitters or fake snow keep on floating. These wedding snow globes are also excellent souvenirs for wedding and wedding anniversaries for the guests to take.


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