Toy Story Snowglobe

Toy Story is a tale about a boy named Andi Davis and his toys - a cowboy named Woody, a space ranger called Buzz, a spring dog, Mr. Potato head and many others. Andi's toys come to life when humans are not around and create an adventure of their own.

However the main focus of the story is about toys being created to bring joy to children. And in turn, these children develop that special relationship with their toys - a relationship that is enough to sort of give life to those inanimate objects.

Toy Story was a huge hit - the endearing story of Andi and his toys was able to melt the hearts of many audiences. And sooner, Toy Story 2 and 3 - sequels to the movie was produced and again earning the approval of thousands of viewers.

The success of the first movie was then followed by production of Toy Story merchandise like notebooks, shirts, toys, pens and many others. One of their famous novelty items is the Toy Story snow globe that fascinates a lot of children even teenagers.

Toy Story snow globes feature the kids' favorite character from the movie and is perfectly contained and preserved in a glass dome with shiny glitters floating around. Some of these snow globes even have musical boxes attached to their bottom and a key to turn to hear the music playing.

Toy Story snow globes are perfect gifts for anyone. They can be used as a d├ęcor to brighten up anyone's bedroom or play room. They can also be used as paperweights adding a bright contrast to your piles of paperwork. They can also be great collectible items - completing the entire Toy Story toy family and having them all placed in a shelf will definitely look adorable and a sight to see.


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