Tips on Maintaining your Snow Globe Collection

Snow globes are very popular in the market. It’s originally designed as a paperweight, but its purpose has gone beyond that. It became a house décor, figurine, souvenir items and even toys to children. Some snowglobes are even personalized to serve as memorabilia.

To make your snowglobe collection last for decades, here are some few tips on maintaining your snow globe collections:

1. Dust them often

It is the simplest and very obvious tip yet people still don’t do it. If you make it a habit to dust your snow globes, it would need less care in the future. Dust accumulation will cause our globes to look old and discolored. Furthermore, they lodge into the carvings and is harder to remove.

2. Use Mild Cleaner

In case you have dusted your snowglobes less often, and dirts and dust have made your globes old. Clean it with mild cleaner. You may use a window cleaner for the glass of the snowglobe. Make sure you would not use abrasive brushes or sponges in them.

3. Beware of Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat and extreme cold can cause bubbles in your snowglobe. Therefore, store them or place them in the area of the house against the sunlight and far from the window. Extreme cold can also cause leaks while the extreme heat causes evaporation.

4. Do not over wind the Musical Key

There are snowglobes that comes with musical tunes. If a kid wants to play with your snowglobe, make sure you instruct her to just rotate the key twice to be safe. Over winding it will cause the spring inside to break. That would no longer be possible to repair once it happened.

5. Store your globes few centimeters apart from each other

Do not overcrowd your snowglobes in your shelves. Make sure that you leave a space of approximately half an inch at least to prevent glass scratches and breakage.

6. Store them in a Wall mounted Cabinet

Wall mount cabinets or shelves are sturdier than the standing ones. You never know when accidents happen. Kids might be playing and accidentally collides in your cabinet , then it wobbles and breaks the globes inside. It's always better safe than sorry.

Snowglobes are very nice to collect and they really add beauty in your home. Therefore, take good care of your snowglobes and see it becoming a treasure to you and to your family.


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