Stitch Snowglobe

Snowglobes are one of the most popular items that people collect, and a Stitch snowglobe would be the perfect edition to any snowglobe or Disney lover's collection. There are multiple designs available, some from the movie and some from the popular cartoon on the Disney channel. These collector items are hand crafted and brilliantly colored. Made from a sturdy ceramic with a glass globe, these can last you a lifetime!

Set in the beautiful tropics of Hawaii, any Lilo and stitch snow globe you purchase will be a sight to behold. Because Hawaii is a state with little snow, many of these globes are made with glitter or even fish shaped confetti instead of snow. With cute scenes depicting aliens, cute little girls and gorgeous flowers and aquatics, there is something available for everyone.

Some of these globes are made with a plastic bubble and are actual Christmas ornaments for your tree. These are made with a rubberized plastic so that they will last for years to come without getting damaged. As there are many different designs and companies that make and supply these water globes, many of them come with music boxes that play Elvis songs, very popular to the movie. There are globes for every holiday that include Lilo and Stitch, some are made from the scenes of the movie and some are just cute whimsical designs. No matter which one of the many stitch snowglobes you choose, there is no doubt that you will be pleased with the one that you buy, whether it's for yourself or your favorite Disney or snow globe collector.


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