Starbucks Snowglobe

Did you know that coffee is the third most popular drink in the world after water and tea? That is right! Nowadays, coffee has become part of every individual's life - every waking moment, on the way to the office and so forth. Another solid testimony of coffee's strong influence on humans is the mere implementation of "COFFEE BREAKS" in most companies or working establishments.

Well, who could blame coffee lovers? Every cup of coffee has powerful aroma that dances in the wind and seems to purposely tickle your nostrils, and entice you to take a sip. And once you take a sip, its flavour is indeed irresistible and you will savor the drink up to the last drop!

Because many people find coffee irresistible, many people have ventured in putting up a business that aims to provide ready to drink coffees or act as a coffee take-out counter. The popularity of coffee has lead to the rise of many coffee establishments and creation of the word "coffee shop" or "café".

Today, Starbucks has become the largest coffeehouse company having 17,009 stores worldwide, 11,000 of which are in United States and generates about US$ 945.6 million net income. Patrons really appreciate the high quality and full flavour coffee drinks that Starbucks offers.

In fact Starbucks has become part of everyday routine of many people. For some countries with few Starbucks outlet, this coffee shop has become a must-visit café or tourist spot. That is why Starbucks collectible items are also popular among coffee lovers.

These collectible items include mugs and tumblers. However another great item to collect is the Starbucks snow globe. These snow globes can be rarely found in coffee outlets but you can find them here. Add another great piece to your Starbucks collection and let their exquisite styles and designs delight you always as you drink coffee cup after a cup.


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