Snow White Snowglobe

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Snow White snowglobe is the fairest of all. As the first and oldest Disney princess, Snow White has been an icon of different snowglobe masterpieces throughout the years. Disney has released a number of original, collector's item snowglobes in the past, celebrating significant anniversary markers of the princess.

One remarkable item is the Snow White snowglobe Ian Fraser model which renders a panoramic replica of the severn dwarfs cottage inside the globe. Outside the cottage, a very small Snow White is seen sweeping the foyer, in full smile and enjoying the natural sceneries surrounding her. Below the snow globe is a thick rock base that embosses the greenery of the forest, with intricate details of the waterfalls, flowers, and the cave where the seven dwarfs mine their jewels.

Another famous collectible is the Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs snowglobe model celebrating the princess' 65th Anniversary. Here, the classic movie poster released in 1930's was rendered in a 3D snowglobe. Inside the glass ball the princess graces the center and being surrounded by the seven dwarfs. Outside the globe, Snow White's animal friends enjoy watching her. Behind the wooden base, the evil stepmother disguised as an old witch is rendered peeking in the happy scene, holding the poisonous apple. This Snow White snowglobe, packed with a music box that plays the unforgettable tune of the song, Someday My Prince Will Come, carries such a classy artistic air with it, a memento one will definitely want to keep forever.


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