Snoopy Snowglobe

Did you know that the name Snoopy comes from the Norwegian word "Snuppa" which means affectionate? That is right! Charles Schulz, the author of the comic strip Peanuts named Snoopy after what his mother's suggestion. Snoopy became the name of Charlie Brown's pet beagle although the name was intended to be given to a real dog.

Born on October 4, Snoopy began his character in the long-running strip as a conservative dog without any dialogue of his own. As the strip gained popularity, his role eventually evolved into a dynamic character, having lead roles and dialogues. Although he is plain-looking in his white and black color, Snoopy became one of the most recognizable dogs in the world.

Snoopy's success does not just stop at comic strips. He is also best selling stuffed toy and his other merchandise have topped the toy market as well. But his most prominent success is that he is a famous collectible item because of his dynamic character.

His dynamic characters include being a pilot, golfer, football player and astronaut among many others. These assortments of roles have enticed the eyes of many toy collectors. Among the famous collectible items are cute Snoopy snow globes.

Snoopy snow globes are translucent spheres with enclosed miniature Snoopy. Once the sphere is shaken, glitters float around and fall down like snow in winter seasons. These snow globes come in various styles and designs like Christmas theme, sporty theme, or with friends - but with Snoopy as the main feature.

These snow globes are sold in affordable prices and be purchased online conveniently. Grab these snow globes and complete your Snoopy collection. Furthermore, these snow globes can also be an excellent gift or souvenir item to give to your friends who are also Snoopy's avid fans. These snow globes can also be used as paper weights or decors.


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