Sleeping Beauty Snowglobe

Sleeping Beauty enthusiasts can relive Aurora's angelic voice singing "Once Upon A Dream" through various models of the Sleeping Beauty snowglobe. Princess Aurora is one of the first princesses of Disney, a kindhearted lady moving with intelligence, liveliness and grace. This is one of the true classic Disney characters that will live on forever in memorabilia of all kinds.

In Sleeping Beauty's 40th anniversary, Disney released a limited edition snow globe featuring Prince Philip and Princess Aurora dancing in the ball, the final scene of the film right after the Prince breaks the wicked witch's spell. The snowglobe is placed in the center of a two-storey, palace base where Philip's father and Aurora's three fairy godmothers watch the couple enjoying their dance. One of the features of this wonderful snowglobe is Princess Aurora's gown that alternates into blue and pink, as caused by the respective color preference of Merryweather and Flora.

Nothing can be compared to the scene when Prince Philip is about to kiss Princess Aurora, and this fact is the reason behind a number of Sleeping Beauty snow globe models depicting one of the most famous kissing scene in literature. In these snow globes, the Princess is usually enclosed alone in the ball, lying gently in her bed in the tower of the palace, while the Prince is frozen in the act of either riding a horse outside the palace or coming closer to the Princess’ bed. The romantic mood of the Sleeping Beauty snowglobe is further heightened by the faithful and very colorful rendition of Princess Aurora’s kingdom, and the unforgettable theme song of the film, Once Upon A Dream.


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