Precious Moments Snowglobe

The innocence and cuteness of Precious Moments figurines is one of the reasons why different models of Precious Moments snowglobe are always being anticipated in the market. Renditions of different miniature characters are very appealing especially to kids. Seeing familiar adult characters reduced to small forms provides such visual sweetness.

In the past few years, several Precious Moments snowglobe models have come and gone in the gift shops, among them limited editions with high price tags. One of the much-coveted globes is Disney's Minnie Aren't You Sweet. Here, Minnie Mouse is enclosed in a little glass ball posing as a skate dancer. The ball is atop a green round table with peach ribbons, and beside it is a little Disney girl clad in a pink dress who enjoys gazing at Minnie. This rare collection is always being fought for both in live and online auctions.

Another famous Precious Moments snowglobe is the one featuring a little girl carrying the newborn Bambi. The two are enclosed in a glass ball set in a garden full of pink flowers. The cute little comfortably sits on the grass and shows to Bambi the beauty and fragrance of the flowers. On top of the globe is a tiny butterfly watching the two. Below the globe is a thick circular base that renders the woodland and highlights Bambi's friends. This Precious Moments snowglobe is painted in bright, baby pastel colors, and built with a music box that plays Vivaldi's "Spring". This snowglobe is sure to exude grace and angelic moods in any child's room.


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