Pinocchio Snowglobe

Pinocchio, another Disney success based from the original novel created by Carlo Collodi can also be seen in thousands of variations of the Pinocchio snowglobe. Looking at the various designs depicting some scenes from the Disney movie, anyone could conclude that the love for Pinocchio’s story is still apparent. Though it was year 1992 since the animated version of this movie was last released, Pinocchio’s enchanting story still continues to be written in a lot of story books today.

Children never seem to get tired of this story and even adults still display their fascination by keeping Pinocchio memorabilia such as snowglobes. One of the most popular Pinocchio snowglobes is the one showing Geppetto’s workshop. The place where Pinocchio was first made in the story is the center of attention in this figurine while the globe that circles it lies on top of a wooden pedestal. Jody Daily, designer of this snowglobe, took extra miles to do even the minute details such as the snow footprints and the silhouettes of some of Geppetto’s masterpiece through the stained-glass window.

Another snowglobe based on this famous puppet adored by both fans and collectors is the Jiminy Cricket Clock snowglobe. This snowglobe shows the happiness that was felt by the other puppets designed by Geppetto when the Blue Fairy finally turns Pinocchio into a real boy. When this Pinocchio snowglobe is turned on, The Blue Danube Waltz plays while Jiminy Cricket and a girl from one of the clocks dance in the center of the snowglobe.


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