Penguin Snowglobe

They say black and white are dull shades. They are lifeless and boring but I beg to disagree. Some black and white are cute and heart-melting just like penguins. Have you been able to watch the movie Happy Feet? See, they look all giggly cute there!

Penguins are marine birds living in the southern hemisphere particularly in Antartica. Although they belonged to the group of birds, they do not know how to fly. Penguins have wings but to adapt with their inability to fly, these wings have become flippers helping them to thrust and swim. Penguins live their lives both on water and on land and they feed on squid, small fish and krill that they find while swimming underwater.

Penguins have become popular around the world. In fact many cartoon characters as well as movies have been created after their image and life. Examples of such characters are the cute yet brusque Badtz Maru (a sanrio character), Pen Pen (from Neon Genesis Evangelion), Mumble (from Happy Feet) and the penguins in the movies Madagascar and Surf's Up.

Their popularity and cuteness extended outside movies and cartoon shows. Penguins have also become great figures in t-shirt prints as well as great collectible items. Examples of these are the lovely penguin snow globes. These transparent orbs are either made of plastic or glass and enclose penguin figurines as well as scenic Antarctica.

Enclosed penguin figurines can either be your favorite cartoon character or plastic molded after the likeness of real penguins. These snow globes have glitters inside that float around the figurine and fall down to simulate falling of snow on winter days. The "snowy" effect gives these snow globes a touch of magic and appeal.

There are also some snow globes with attached musical boxes at their bases. These musical boxes play melody either through batteries or winding up a key. These snow globes are perfect items to give as a gift to your kids or teens or to your friends as collectible items.


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