Peanuts Snowglobe

As iconic characters of American comic trip, members of the Peanuts gang have inspired countless artists to create their rendition of a Peanuts Snowglobe. Among the characters, it is Charlie Brown and Snoopy who have won the hearts of creators and collectors, the thoughts and lines of the two stored in these people's memory.

One must-have Peanuts snowglobe model is Hallmark's 50th anniversary memorabilia which highlights a scene in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." In this Snowglobe, Charlie Brown and Snoopy is caught happily decorating a little Christmas tree. Below the ball is a thick base that renders a snowy winter night, spotlighting Woodstock standing amidst the snow-covered landscape. This snowglobe scene is one of the most unforgettable Charlie Brown moments, his regard for poor little pine tree is a call against people's over-commercialization of Christmas. Created by Katrina Bricker, this Charlie Brown Christmas snowglobe includes a music box that plays "Linus and Lucy."

A much-coveted collectible is the Peanuts Carousel Snowglobe released by Willitts Designs in 1988. In this model, the Peanuts gang, including Charlie , Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, and Sally ride their respective horses in a carnivalesque carousel that revolves and whose gondolas go up and down. It has a blower that automatically scatters the snow all around the globe, and a musical box that perfectly suits the happy tableau, playing the hip tune of “Carousel Waltz”. This Peanuts Snowglobe is a very rare item, and only being sold in major, high-end collector's auctions.


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