Nutcracker Snowglobe

There's no better way to remember this sweet story year-round than with a nutcracker snowglobe. Everyone reminisces about the story from when they were a kid, of a girl who was given a nutcracker statue for Christmas and when it ends up broken by her mean-spirited brother, she's heartbroken until she sees the nutcracker come to life and become a prince who battles the evil mice that invade her house. The girl, Clara, and the prince live happily ever after in the Kingdom of Sweets.

Snowglobes have been around since the early 19th-century, and can be made of any kind of material with all types of scenes enclosed. Typically, modern snow globes are made of glass or plastic, and feature a Christmas theme. What better epitomizes Christmas than a nutcracker snow globe? The epic story of loss and happiness is one that many fond memories have been made around, whether it's reading the book or seeing the ballet based on the book itself. The nutcracker symbol can be seen around the world, in many different cultures, but it all comes from the same story.

A nutcracker snowglobe is generally small enough to enjoy thoroughly, but without diminishing the essence of the story itself. Everyone from all walks of life can enjoy the magic all year round, no matter the climate outside. Christmas isn't the only season that magic can happen in, and the nutcracker is an exceptional story that proves it; your living quarters will come alive and be the topic of conversation amongst your friends.


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