Nightmare Before Christmas Snowglobe

A favorite Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobe model is the memorabilia released by Disney in 2003, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Tim Burton's animated film. Here, the characters are featured in a horrific hearse parade being led by the mayor. The hearse displays five little snow globes highlighting Small Witch, Zero, Mummy, Undersea Gal, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Surrounding the hearse are other lead characters Jack Skellington, The Big Witch, Corpse Kid, Sally, Devil and Harlequin Demon.

Another much coveted 10th year anniversary memorabilia is a tall snow globe featuring Jack Skellington captured in the act of speaking on the podium, addressing his proposals before the people of Halloween town. Below Jack's podium is the Mayor whose head spins 360 degrees to the tune of the creepy music. Another fun Nightmare before Christmas snow globe is the Santa Jack snow globe, which encloses the pumpkin king dressed in Santa costume and driving his flame cart. Outside the ball there is the mayor, Sally, and three other Halloween town denizens.

Perhaps the best Disney’s NMBC snow globe is the one where Jack and Sally are highlighted inside a big, bright ball, embellishing the Christmas tree with skull decors. On top of the glass ball, there is the trio Lock, Shock and Barrel frozen in a funny tableau of doing their respective preparations. The snow globe is placed on a tall, wooden column whose base are surrounded by gothic walls and fences. This Nightmare before Christmas snowglobe features LED lights on the roof and the Christmas tree and windows within the ball.


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