Nativity Snowglobe

Nativity snowglobes are a popular item especiallly around the Christmas season. Snowglobes of all sorts have long fascinated the young and old alike. Basically a snow globe is an enclosed glass sphere. The sphere has water and "snow" inside. The snow is small white particles and is made from any one of several substances. Also there is usually some sort of a landscape and a scene of some kind.

These novelty items are available from many sources. They can be ordered on-line; while many novelty stores carry them year round. They are abundantly available during the holiday season each year.

There are different sizes of water globes as well as many different scenes from which to choose. When the globe is shaken, the white particles fall slowly through the water so that it appears as though it is snowing inside the globe. Some snowglobes have a music box attached which plays music while it is snowing.

A nativity snowglobe is a wonderful conversation piece at Christmastime. It depicts the birth of Christ with a manger scene. It traditionally includes Mary and Joseph along with the baby Jesus lying in a manger. This miniature depiction may also have a farm animal or two. Usually a donkey or a sheep is included. The scene may also have a star (which is believed to have pointed the way for the shepherds) and perhaps an angel.

Snowglobes are a fun and colorful addition to holiday decorations. They are also great conversation starters and can keep young and old occupied for hours. They are an interesting compliment to any decor. Many Nativity snow globes contain a built-in music box which plays Christmas carols.


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