Monsters Inc Snowglobe

Released in 2001 by Pixar, Monster’s Inc. has got to be one of the most popular computer animated films today and its popularity can be clearly seen in the various designs of the Monsters Inc snowglobe. Disney took over its release in the United States in November, 2001. It also became a hit in Australia and has been released in the UK the following year. Having been written by a few of the most talented writers in the industry, this movie contained characters that are not just interesting but also wonderful in their own way.

The adoration of many fans both young and old is shown in their collections of Monster’s Inc memorabilia. One of their most liked means of showing their fascination for this movie is through collecting snowglobes with Monster’s Inc characters. One very famous Monster’s Inc snowglobe features Sulley, Boo and Little Mickey inside the snowglobe. Outside the globe are Mike, Randall and two CDA agents trying to get through them by hiding behind the closet doors. The base of the snowglobe is also filled with the adorable characters from the movie, Waternoose, Roz and Celia. Fans would truly enjoy watching the figures while listening to the melody of If I Didn’t Have You sung by Randy Newman.

Another popular snowglobe that features characters from Monster’s Inc shows Boo inside a smaller snowglobe while Sulley and Mike cutely watch from outside. Unfortunately, this Monsters Inc snowglobe does not play music but fans would still have fun looking at the funny expressions of Mike and Sulley as they see how Boo is trapped inside the globe.


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