Minnie Mouse Snowglobe

Minnie mouse is the most recognizable character next to Mickey Mouse, so why would anyone not want a Minnie Mouse snowglobe? Whether you are a collector of Minnie Mouse, Disney, or snowglobes, this would be the perfect edition to any collection. An American icon, Minnie Mouse can be seen in many cartoons and movies throughout the years.

There is a Minnie Mouse snow globe for any occasion, whether you want to commemorate your wedding or your anniversary, or even your first child. For every holiday, you can find a different globe, whether you are looking for the original Minnie, or the classic one, you can have one for every season. Snow globes make for a great gift for anyone of all ages. Made from a sturdy ceramic, these snowglobes can last forever if well taken care of. The glass is tempered to withstand any kind of climate, and the snow is made from a non-soluble soap flakes that won't melt or absorb the water. Some of these globes are made with a rubberized plastic ball so that you can hang them from a Christmas tree as an ornament.

With so many companies producing and distributing snowglobes like The San Fransisco Musicbox Company, more often than not, snow globes come with a music box that usually plays a song from a movie the water globe scene is depicting. With so many to choose from, it would be a collectors dream to have them all! You can find Minnie mouse snowglobes almost anywhere you look, there is surely someone you know that would love to receive one.


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