Mickey Mouse Snowglobe

Having been born on November 18, 1928 fresh from the minds of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, Mickey Mouse now stands out as the most popular Disney cartoon character and appears in thousands of the ever popular Mickey Mouse snowglobe. The designs of these snowglobes never fail to impress both Mickey Mouse lovers and not because of the constant ingenuity being shown in the designs. Seems like every snowglobe made after this popular Disney icon captivates the real character of Mickey Mouse and reflects it through the colors and the shapes of the globes.

One of the more popular Mickey Mouse snowglobe is the Disney Fantasia Musical Anniversary Snowglobe. This snowglobe was created in line with 65th anniversary of Disney’s Fantasia. Mickey Mouse was depicted as the famous sorcerer’s apprentice. Around this snowglobe are dancing elephants and pixies that certainly add up to the overall beauty of it. Light up the globe in which Mickey is in and relax as you listen to the melody of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Another popular snowglobe designed after Disney icon, Mickey Mouse is “Mickey through the Years”. It contains five images of the adorable Mickey Mouse that depicts the changes that have been made to his image through out the years. This is a very special snowglobe indeed because here people would clearly see how the Mickey Mouse that we know now developed. The improvements in the designs would surely impress fans and collectors would truly enjoy this Mickey Mouse snowglobe because of the displayed props from Mickey’s long career in cartoons and comics.


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