Little Mermaid Snowglobe

The movie that marked Disney renaissance in the year 1989, The Little Mermaid, can also be seen in many versions of The Little Mermaid snowglobe. The original book written by Hans Christian Andersen with the help from Disney Productions created characters that are known by both children and adults around the globe. The fame of these characters is further strengthened through several snowglobes that can be found in many shops worldwide and in the homes of avid snowglobe and Little Mermaid memorabilia collectors.

Most of the designs of these snowglobes are equally beautiful but there are a few that really stand out and are the most worthy of that precious space in every collector’s display cabinet. One of the more popular Little Mermaid snowglobes is the Ariel and Flounder snow globe. This figurine features Ariel’s treasure under the sea. Both Sebastian and Flounder can be seen on each of the sides of the figurine and in the center of the snowglobe is a couple that dances to the tune of Under the Sea.

Another snowglobe that is worth collecting is Ariel’s Seahorse Chariot snow globe. By looking at this snowglobe, you would surely feel like you are under the sea and riding the chariot with Ariel. The blue color of the ocean water can be clearly seen in the base of the chariot with Ariel firmly placed on top of the chariot and inside the globe. In this Little Mermaid snowglobe, happiness can be seen in Ariel’s facial expression as she listens to her song dedicated to her prince, Part of Your World.


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