History of Fancy Snow Globes

Snow globes are the dome shaped figurines which has water and glitters in it. There are usually beautiful panoramas, or figurines inside the globe for its design. The glitters or white particles of these snow globes fall over the scenery when you shake these domes. It looks just like what it is during winters.

These balls usually have ceramic bases with glass domes. They were derived from the concept of paperweights. There is no clear history as to when they first appeared. It was thought that they were evolved from the popular glass paperweights during the earlier times. Snow globes appeared at the Paris Universal Expo of 1878 and by the following year, there have been more production of these paperweights.

Then a popular design of Eiffel tower snowglobe was mass produced to commemorate International Exposition in Paris which marked the centennial anniversary of the French Revolution. Then, it became very popular in England during the Victorian Era and in the early 1920s. Then there was a time that it became a popular gift in Europe, especially those Religious designs.

Snow globe spread across Europe to different countries. Its designs have also evolved. The usual sceneries of towers and Religious artifacts evolved into wider variations. The designs became more versatile, with a collection of cartoon characters for children. There are also personalized snowglobes which are made just to your liking. Furthermore, the concept of snowglobe has evolved to not just figurines but musical boxes, toys and collectible items.

Nowadays, more sophisticated snowglobes are in stores. There is already music coming out of the figurine, and there are even globes which have built in blowers. You wouldn’t have to shake them to appreciate the snow. Few years from now, together with the evolving technology, snowglobes would surely be more wonderful.


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