Fantasia Snowglobe

Fantasia snowglobes come in different types. This is because the themes and ideas behind each snowglobe is collected from different parts of the concert. There is the famous sorcerer's hat that has Mickey Mouse as the ringleader of a colorful crowd of other characters, which acts as a reminder of the series of concerts that starred Mickey Mouse in 1940. This snow globe is musical and it comes with added colorful characters. There are four mini globes on the globe and all these have a broom that resembles those of Mickey's brigade. This one is mainly sold in some of the leading Disney auctions.

The other type is the gazebo Fantasia snowglobe that has Mickey and a Hyacinth Hippos that is dancing round the gazebo. It is a reminder of the fantasia Pastoral. There are five mini globes and Mickey appears dressed in a sorcerer's attire. This globe comes in different sizes and it costs between $30 and $80. If you want a customized version of the same that comes with your name engraved on it, the price could go as high as $200. This snowglobe is ideal for a child who loves watching Mickey Mouse. They enjoy playing the music and playing with the globe too.

The Fantasia snow globe can also be purchased in various online markets. They are either sold by bid or labeled with price tags. The water globes are usually on high demand during the Christmas period when children are expecting gifts from their parents. To avoid getting the globes at a very high price during the festive season, it is advisable to buy it before the season. If you buy it online, you will be required to pay a shipping cost of around $5.


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