Cinderella Snowglobe

Cinderella, one of the most popular fairytales of all time, continues to amaze collectors and avid fairytale fans with the never-ending flow of designs for a Cinderella snowglobe. It seems like the popularity of this fairytale will be here forever because even Hollywood today continues to make remakes after remakes of the enchanting story of Cinderella. Who could ever forget A Cinderella Story that starred Hillary Duff and then the yet one more shameless remake, Another Cinderella Story that featured Disney starlet Selena Gomez? No wonder “Cinderella” seems to be a household name in almost every home in the world.

So, for those who are still having fantasies of their own Prince Charming, having Cinderella snowglobes would be a great idea. One of the most liked snowglobe designs based on this fairytale is the one showing Cinderella in the center inside the globe and her two evil stepsisters lurking around. The Cinderella in the snowglobe is wearing the dress from the ball and has two books as the globe’s pedestal. This snowglobe would surely create a feeling of happiness for people who adore this type of stories as they listen to the melody of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”.

Another snowglobe that is sure to be loved by Cinderella fans is the Cinderella Wedding snowglobe that shows Cinderella and her prince in a heart-shaped dome. With an elegant staircase as a pedestal and Cinderella’s animal friends all present, this Cinderella snowglobe surely creates the perfect image of a happy ending.


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