Chicago Snowglobe

Chicago snowglobes make a great souvenir for any visitor to the windy city. Snow globes are fun, classic and timeless collectibles. One of the unique aspects of a snow globe is its ability to contain various objects, replicas and other items within the globe.

There are various Chicago snow globe designs that one can choose from. There are wide arrays of globes to pick from that contain famous Chicago landmarks including: the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, The Willis Tower, The Hancock Building, and Buckingham Fountain. In addition, one can choose from bright stylish colors or elegant and classic designs. Furthermore, many play songs including: My Kind of Town and Sweet Home Chicago.

If you are looking for a more architectural globe, many domes contain buildings that make up the Chicago skyline. These globes also come in a variety of different colors, designs and themes. For example, one can choose from a simple plastic globe or a large wooden based snow globe that contains hand painted details.

In addition, there are many sports globes available. Chicago Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Sox, and Blackhawks globes are a fun and creative gift for the avid sports fanatic. Many of these contain replicas of the stadium, the infamous Wrigley Field sign, and famous Chicago athletes.

Snow globes are a creative and fun memento to keep for one's self or to give to friends and family. Snow globes offer an array of designs and themes including: famous landmarks, the Chicago skyline, restaurants, and well known sports teams and arenas. Whether you are looking for a simple memento or a meaningful gift, Chicago snowglobes offer a design and style for any interest.


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