Castle Snowglobe

Castles are great and influential landmarks. The word castle was derived from the Latin root word castellum which means fortified place. In the real world, castles symbolize or are used in many ways. Castles are considered defence of the place or area and they can also be residence of royalties. In times of crisis or trouble, castles are also refuge of the people.

But when we take a look at the world of fantasy or fiction, castles take another meaning. For girls and teens, castles are symbols of nobility. They associate castles with being a princess having that pretty tiara. They may also view castles as the place where they will await their prince charming and obtain that happily ever after.

Without a doubt, either real or not, castles are really great sights to see and admire. That is why it is no wonder why castle snow globes have that equal appeal. Castle snow globes are translucent spheres enclosed within are the fortified structure or castle. They have glitters inside and when the snow globe is shaken, the glitters float and fall down like snow during winter days.

Aside from the panoramic beauty that these snow globes boast, these novelty items have excellent features too. Some of these snow globes have bulb lights and turns on or off with the help of a switch. These lights will highlight the beauty of the snow globe especially during at night. Some of these snow globes have built-in musical boxes that play wonderful melody, like the Cinderella castle snow globe that plays "So This Is Love".

Castle snow globes are great items to collect as memorabilia or just as pastime leisure. They can also be given as present or as souvenirs. They are also excellent objects to use as house decorations and surely will add a lovely touch to your homes.


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