Carousel Snowglobe

Amusement parks are a magical and wonderful place to be in. They have bright lights, great shows and amazing thrill rides. Indeed, such parks are built to amuse children and adults alike. They are built to get rid of stress, set the spirit free and let every patron carefree.

Amusement parks have their own unique ways of drawing in customers and keeping them entertained. However I observed that majority of all amusement parks have one common denominator - that is they always have carousels or marry-go-rounds.

Carousels or merry-go-rounds are rides that consist of rotating circular stage with animals traditionally horses to ride on. These horses from in rows, mounted on posts and they serve as seats for the patrons. When the gears are started, these horses gallop in alternating pattern accompanied with music and the whole stage revolves.

There are some people who are afraid of heights do not want to ride roller coasters or other height-involved rides. But with these carousels, kids and even adults are given the chance to enjoy amusement parks whether they are afraid of heights or not.

Another reason why these carousels are very popular is because of the enticing and magical looks of the horses. They seem to have that magnetic effect that is hard to repel. And every time you buy a ticket and ride, the horses seem to bring you to another enchanting place - a place that you always want to be.

Undeniably, carousels are a good way to destress and to feel serene and carefree - if only you can bring them to your own home so you can feel their magic every time and anytime you want. But of course, carousels are too huge to place in your house - apart from carousel snow globes.

Carousel snow globes are little domes with your favorite ride inside. These are great substitute for real carousels to display inside your houses. Just a glimpse of them will make you feel magical and entertained just like the real ones do.


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