Betty Boop Snowglobe

What started as a simple cartoon character based on the appearance of Helen Kane and Clara Bow, this character that was originally in the world of animation is now famous for being in thousands of Betty Boop snowglobes. It has been years since this cartoon character last appeared in her own movie and even her own television series, but people never seem to get tired of her look.

Truth is, Betty Boop’s original appearance was a lot spicier than how she is depicted now but a lot of people seem to still like it. Whatever the reason is—her strange hair, her great outfits or her pouting red lips, she continues to be adored by both her old and new fans.

Because of this, she can now be seen in various collectibles such as figurines and snowglobes. It would not be hard for you to find a Betty Boop snowglobe somewhere online because designers are continuously making new designs of your favorite cartoon character in a snowglobe. You would be able to find Betty Boop on top having a grand time in Vegas while on top of a slot machine and accompanied by the melody of Luck Be a Lady Tonight. This snowglobe can be bought for under $50. And if you enjoy seeing Betty ride a horse, you might fancy purchasing a Betty Boop snowglobe where she is riding a carousel pony to the tune of You Ought to be in Pictures.


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