Beauty and the Beast Snowglobe

Fans of Beauty and the Beast can never resist anything the magnificently freezes memorable scenes of the love story of Belle and the Cursed Prince , like a snowglobe. Different models of Beauty and the Beast Snowglobe have been released both by Disney and other memorabilia manufacturers in the market, reliving the magical tale of true love transcending physical boundaries.

One must-have Beauty and the Beast Snowglobe is the model that spotlights the Cursed Prince's huge library, a remarkable moment in the film's plot in which one common interest between Belle and the Beast--the passion for reading--is disclosed, wherein the Beast gives Belle his entire library all for her to read. In front of the shelves of books painted predominantly in lavender, Belle and the Beast are enclosed in the big snowglobe, the prince watching her princess read as she sits on a red, elegant couch, all with the background tune of "Beauty and the Beast.

The magical rose is one of the significant images in the film, each of its petals symbolizing the Beast's remaining days. The magical rose has become a central figure in a number of models of Beauty and the Beast snowglobe. The flower is usually being enclosed in the ball and spotlighted through shiny red lights. Outside the snowglobe, Beauty and the Beast are either watching the petals fall, or dancing together to the tune of the theme song. Dancing too is one of the favorite scenes in Disney’s hit film. One of all time top selling models of Beauty and the Beast Snowglobe is the one where Belle and the Beast, fully dressed up in royal costumes, are frozen in a dancing stance on top of the Cursed Prince’s beautiful palace.


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