Bambi Snowglobe

A Bambi SnowGlobe is the most classic item of Disney babies all around the world. The most loved and loveliest deer of all time, Bambi touched the hearts of several generations of kids who watched the 1940s classic film. Bambi's childhood innocence, his passionate love for his mother, his high regard for friendship, and his braveness to protect his loved ones made him a perfect icon for kids to emulate.

In most Bambi Snowglobe models, the cute deer is mostly represent during his childhood. One of the best models is Disney's memorabilia celebrating the 60th year of Bambi. Released a 2002, the snowglobe centers on the newborn Bambi being cuddled by his mother in a rainwater tableau, with the ball placed on a circular wood that details the environment in the grassland. Watching baby Bambi outside the globe are his future friends, Owl, Thumper, and Flower.

One of kids' favorite scenes in Bambi is when he attempts to walk, and this is the reason why Bambi Snowglobe models capturing this moment are being fought for in collector shops. Some editions that show how he learns his first steps are paused in a tableau where his legs are sliding and unsteady and his facial expression looks puzzled. This with the background music of “Waltz of the Flowers,” and a base landscaped with bursting spring flowers and cool greenery will make any gazer wallow in nostalgia and feel Bambi’s goodness, innocence, and purity. A Bambi Snowglobe is indeed an easy ticket to a happy, distant past.


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