Alice in Wonderland Snowglobe

If you are a fan of the ever-famous novel written by Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you probably have tons of Alice collectibles in your room but you might be missing out on a most popular Alice in Wonderland snowglobe. These snowglobes are perfect as collector’s items because they could clearly depict the real character of your favorite Alice in Wonderland personas. Plus, most of these snowglobes are musical so you could enjoy reliving your favorite scenes from the book or the movie while listening to the songs that accompany them.

One of the more popular Alice in Wonderland snowglobes is the one showing Alice’s scene with the Caterpillar. It even includes the Cheshire Cat in vibrant colors, all of the three characters on top of mushrooms. The snowglobe would surely impress collectors because the design is very close to reality. You could purchase this snowglobe and listen to In the Golden Afternoon while enjoying the way the eyes of the Cheshire Cat light up and the mushroom that is under him.

Alice’s fans would undoubtedly enjoy looking at a snowglobe where the unusually big Alice stands outside while looking at several characters from the book. The way the Alice figurine stands and her facial expression clearly captures Alice’s unique personality. The snowglobe is full of colors and has almost all of the characters from the book and the movie. The three cards known for their painting the roses red, the white rabbit and even the people from the jury can be seen in this Alice in Wonderland snowglobe.


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